Canara School

Canara Educational Institutions came in to existance in the year 2000 by starting computer centers in Bangalore south and Anekal Taluk.

Canara Computers & Education

Proven track record of students being placed in reputed companies.
Weekend batches, if required.


Canara Educational Institutions

In the year 2000 an humble beginning was made by starting the Canara Computers dedicated for computer education at Hebbagodi. Within a span of two years we were able to establish about 15 branches at various places in Anekal Taluk and Bangalore South.

We entered into academic education, by starting a Degree College, School and PU college at Yadavanahalli. We started Canara Gurukula at our own building premises during 2012-13. The Canara Gurukula is recognized by Education Dept., Karnataka Government. As we propose to start CBSE Education from 2018 we have adopted CBSE pattern and are using NCERT recommended books. (State govt. also has introduced this syllabus in a phased manner.)

We have a team of committed teachers who are well qualified and experienced. Our Gurukula is the second home for our students. Along with learning they get love and affection at the school, same as their parents.


  • Quality all round education at affordable fee structure
  • Smart class and CCTV enabled class rooms
  • Safe child concept part of curriculum
  • Teachers – students ratio 1:10 in pre-primary
  • Well equipped computer lab

Computer Courses Offered

  • Advanced Tally (ERP)
  • Java, J2EE
  • .Net, Asp.Net
  • C, C++
  • Software Testing
  • DTP, Photoshop

News Updates

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Why Canara Group of Institution ..?

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